Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grandmother's Lullaby

Martha Annis Walker Horn used to sing a little lullaby to all of her babies when they were little. She learned the song from her mother, Genevieve James Walker, who made it up one day while hushing little Annis to sleep. Annis had many many ear infections as a child, and ended up losing most of the hearing capability in one of her ears. Needless to say, she needed a lot of soothing and singing to. She was the youngest of Genevieve's children, too, so Grandmother must have enjoyed the cuddle time just as much as her baby girl did.
Charlotte and Georgia had the beautiful idea to have some of the talented progeny of Genevieve and Annis record a version of the lullaby for posterity. And it turned out beautifully. JJ, son of Martha Horn, played his guitar and Sydney, daughter of John Horn, sang the lyrics. You can listen below.

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Flora Thibeaux said...

Precious little song. So glad you preserved it. Reminded me of singing to my baby.

Flora Thibeauxbyrigeat